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“Where I Like A Man To Cum”

XLGirls top model Renee Ross answers a fan letter. This is from Ron in California who writes about male explosions. “Dear Renee, when a guy you are with is ready to cum, where do you like him to cum? On your tits, your face or in your mouth?” Renee replies: “I really don’t care all that much where he cums. Face, mouth, tits. It’s all good. I don’t get much on my butt. Guys want to cum mostly on my boobs. I like it on my tits so I can rub it in. Cum is very good for your skin. I’ve researched it completely and it’s true. I rub it in my face, let it dry like a mask, and then wash it off.” There you have it! Scientific facts from the great Renee Ross. So don’t believe it when women say they don’t like man-juice. They just don’t want to admit it.