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Month: December, 2010

Pussy Played Grandma

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Creamed Up BBW Lisa Sparxxx

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She Will Smother You

She Will Smother You

This is one of the times in an interview opener that starts the sexin’ before the interview wraps up! Analee Sands is a fresh, new model from Illinois. She learned about XL Girls from a friend, something that’s often the case here. But not enough. He kept on Analee to apply and after a week, she agreed. We didn’t keep her waiting long for a reply. Not with a body and kisser like that. When our cameraman asks the male man to deliver his meat package to her private box, the interview shifts to a full-blown action sequence. Analee is filled to the brim for the rest of the scene and she sounds like she’s digging every thrust and thump. Analee‘s said before that she has a CMNF fetish (sex with clothed man while nude). Her fuck partner doesn’t join in that interesting kink but he does give her a pre-fuck fingering that Analee likes. She appreciates a man who knows how to work his wand and drop a load in her honor. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Analee Sands, XLGirls salutes you.

She Will Smother You


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Cum Swallowing Chubby Chick

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Living Room Ramming

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Pussy Licked Fatty

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Biggest Super-Natural In Las Vegas

Biggest Super-Natural In Las Vegas

“I am an intelligent woman and do all my own promotion by myself,” writes the great Mianna Thomas on her MySpace page. “I do not have an agent and do not believe in paying someone to do something that I can do by myself. All the work I find is through research and connections, I am perfectly capable of finding everything on my own. My parents taught me to be self sufficent.” Every chick, especially hot chicks, have their secrets and even though we interviewed Mianna on SCORELAND, we didn’t know this: “You may think I am weird. I love tarantulas. I have six tarantulas that I love. I want a dog but do not have time for one.” We don’t think that’s weird, Mianna. But we probably won’t be visiting your crib anytime soon!

Biggest Super-Natural In Las Vegas