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Three Bad Free Local Sex Nightmare Stories

It’s easy to get excited about freelocalsex. After all, websites that are able to deliver this type of sex have solved lots of problems. Seriously.

You no longer need to be a member of a secret society. You no longer need to be married so you can join a swingers club. You don’t need to deal with any of that bullshit. You just need to join the right website or download the right dating app and you’re good to go. Make no mistake about it. Getting anonymous pussy in this day and age has never been easier.

With that said, there are certain nightmare situations that you might want to avoid. Unfortunately, if you’re just so excited about getting all the free local sex pussy you can find, you might end up in these nasty situations. Keep in mind that this can lead to serious problems. Not only might you lose a lot of money, but you also might end up in jail. Worst of all, you might even end up dead. Pay serious attention.

The Crazy Boyfriend

You have to remember that a lot of women who join free local sex dating sites actually have boyfriends. However, for some reason or another, their boyfriend simply can’t give them what they’re looking for. Maybe they’re looking to cum at least three times a night, but their boyfriend insists on ejaculating before she even gets excited. Who wants that kind of sex?

However, they still love their boyfriends, but they’re looking for great sex. This is where you come in. Unfortunately, if her boyfriend is crazy, you might end up with an extra bullet hole in your head.

The Creepy Cuckold Husband

In some respects, this guy is the exact opposite of the crazy boyfriend. He’s not territorial. He’s not possessive. He’s more than happy with you fucking his wife.

What makes this guy creepy is that he insists on watching that happen. That’s right. He’s up close and personal while you’re banging his wife. He’s fully clothed, but he insists on watching the whole thing.

If you’re into that kind of thing, then this is okay. But if this kind of practice creeps you out, then you might want to steer clear of chicks who have cuckold husbands.

The Insane She Who Used to Be a He

We live in a progressive age here. It’s perfectly okay for a man and a man to marry each other. I have no problem with that. Hey, live and let live, right? But the only thing that I ask is that people be completely honest.

If you are on a dating site where you hook up with free local sex partners, don’t feel that you’re being rude if you ask her if she used to be a he. Unfortunately, in this day and age, you have to ask that if that’s a big deal with you. Some guys don’t have a problem with this. In fact, some guys don’t have a problem banging a woman with tits but has a penis. But if you’re the type of guy who cares whether your females were born female, then you need to ask. Otherwise, you might be into a rough situation.