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If The Bra Fitz, She’s Got Huge Titz

If The Bra Fitz, She's Got Huge Titz

Vicki Black is a babydoll. She’s new at XLGirls and has a fine pair of sucklers. Heavy, huge and flawless. They’re capped by pancake-sized areolae, darker than the surrounding tit skin. Vicki‘s young, playful, pretty and cute, just the kind of girl you guys love. Outside the house, she wears snug, body hugging clothes that a T&A man can appreciate. She doesn’t wear bulky sweatshirts to hide her treasures from the world. So when she contacted XLGirls at, because she’s busty and proud of her natural gifts and wants to share, someone up there must have been looking out for us tit-fanatics. This is Vicki‘s third appearance. In Vicki‘s second XLGirls video, there’s a basket by her pretty feet. You can see what’s in the basket. Something every girl like Vicki needs to support and uplift her. Something that’s every big-titted bouncers breast friend. When Vicki lowers her slip to uncover her flesh-melons, and cups and juggles them, it’s like WHOA!! Call 46E! What beauties you have there, Miss Black! It’s clear by the way she handles her tits that she loves and nurtures them. What kind of guys does she like? If you can make her laugh, you can earn points redeemable for her attention. “I am such a giggly person and if a guy can put a smile on my face, I want to put one on his.” Later on, we’ll see how wet Vicki‘s pussy can get. It gets very wet indeed! Now that’ll put on a smile on your face!

If The Bra Fitz, She's Got Huge Titz

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