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First Time’s A Charm

First Time's A Charm

Tereza had never modeled before until a friend showed her a copy of XLGirls magazine. She had never seen a copy nor had any idea it even existed. Her knowledge about men’s magazines was limited to the usual suspects and she thought only slim, blonde Pamela Anderson-types got into them. Tereza said she took it home and promptly forgot about it. Then one day, she was cleaning her apartment and found it in a pile of other magazines. She read it cover-to-cover. Over the next few weeks, she thought about it, wondering if she had the look we would want. She decided to email us about it and one of our studio reps at the office explained what we needed to see first. Tereza had never shown her naked body to anyone but her boyfriends and her doctors. She shot some pictures of herself in a full-length mirror at home and emailed them. When we told her we wanted to photograph her, she was actually surprised, and after a few more weeks of self-debate, decided to try it. All because a friend gave her a copy of XLGirls. Another XLGirls success story!

First Time's A Charm