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Month: January, 2011

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Built For Comfort

Built For Comfort

Events coordinator Karlee Adams was recommended to us by a friend always on the lookout for hot babes. “During the day, I dress professionally but sexy. Skirts and heels, tight jeans, low-cut tops and heels. I usually always wear a bra,” Karlee says. Karlee is a NASCAR fan, and likes to travel, shop and practice archery. She’s done a pretty good job of shooting a big-boobed, big-assed arrow into our hearts. Her sexual fantasy is to “be part of a threesome with two bi men.” The first time she had sex, she was 20. Fairly late these days but better late than later. “It was with a good friend,” said Karlee. “It wasn’t all that great. We were both inexperienced.” Karlee later met a porn dude during her scene in XL’s Plush Control movie who curled her toes. (The movie is posted on “I like to have sex two to three times a week. I love giving oral, sucking cock and balls. What turns me on is a guy who smells good. That makes me horny.” And now it’s time to check out Karlee‘s sexy bod again.

Built For Comfort


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Topheavy & Bottomheavy

Topheavy & Bottomheavy

“Hey girl, are you the little fallen angel I was looking for all my life?” That’s the cheesiest pick-up line Trinity Michaels said she’s gotten and she gets a lot. With a body like that, no surprise there. “Just come up and talk to me,” Trinity says. “Say hello and be yourself. I don’t give out my phone number to strangers but I might take one from a guy if he’s funny and nice. One thing I really hate is when I pass a construction site and the guys eating lunch say all kinds of things and make sounds with their mouths, especially those zoo noises. That’s not going to interest me, sorry! I can understand guys seeing my tits and getting excited but they have to control themselves. Perving on me is just not going to work. A good attitude and acting positive is very sexy to me. Yes, I will have sex on the first date if it feels right.” What part of a man’s body does Trinity think is his sexiest? “His eyes. ‘Cause I feel I can understand him better through his eye movements.” Trinity may not be modeling that much longer. “I live kinda far away from SCORE and I don’t get much of a chance to get away and model because I’m very busy at home. So It’s not easy. I guess I’ll see what the future brings. The good thing is that if I don’t model again for a long time, I can always come back as a MILF!” Trinity said with a laugh.

Topheavy & Bottomheavy


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